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"Specialists in Events

& Mobile Marketing"

              Regional areas we work in:

East Coast: Tampa- Orlando- - Sarasota-Miami

Ft. Lauderdale- Pensacola-Keys-Jacksonville  

       West Coast: Sacramento-Reno-        SanFrancisco NAPA Wine Country- Tahoe

Our teams travel Nationally!

Trade Shows: We create a Buzz about your company at the show then beyond the show. We provide a comprehensive marketing campaign using photography as a draw to your both then we expand your sponsorship further through some very innovative Social Media concepts. At the booth we our photos in 8x10", 5x7" or 4x6" sizes. i.e. a 5x7" is printed in 15 seconds, a 4x6" in 8 seconds complete with your logo, title, show name or other graphics. From the camera teathered to the computer to printer then directly to the iPad for downloads. Within seconds prints are made and mobile uploads are ready to share! Exhibit, displays and interaction with attendees in both services are also offered!                                                                         

Our new green screen station has been compacted and is extremely efficient!

"BEYOND JUST A PHOTO"​    Attendees love the mobile upload experience!
We use iPads that monitor a folder on our main work computer. Right from the event your guests/attendees can Email, FaceBook or Twitter your unique branded photos. ​PLUS...We can collect their email addresses, use a branded URL for photo retrieval even cN ask a few survey questions to assist in the sponsors marketing efforts!​ Basically our photos along with the attendees market for you via social media! We can even provide analytic's. We call this "expanded viral marketing"! A HUGE ROI FOR OUR SPONSORS

The above event was a conference where we introduced the service. Instantly, it was a hit! Since then we have had over 15,000 uploads for sponsors!

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