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"Specialists in Events

& Mobile Marketing"

              Regional areas we work in:

East Coast: Tampa- Orlando- - Sarasota-Miami

Ft. Lauderdale- Pensacola-Keys-Jacksonville  

       West Coast: Sacramento-Reno-        SanFrancisco NAPA Wine Country- Tahoe

Our teams travel Nationally!

  Hilarious ROFL LOL Fun



Boogie Bodies is simply hilarious! Experience the WOW Factor with non-stop laughter as attendees/guests watch their co-workers, riends, or family Boogie dance to some of  yesterday's favorite songs.


Boogie Bodies is our video green screen entertainment system that will keep your guests and customers overly satisfied with laugh out loud fun. From 1-6 guests can be in a single video show at one time.  If needed as many people as we can place onto a green screen background but only 6 DVD's can be produced at one time. 

Boogie Bodies utilizes state of the art equipment to superimpose your larger than life head on to a Boogie Body, giving the impression that you are an accomplished dancer for a variety of songs & stage scenarios. As for branding a custom splash page begins and ends the shows complete with titles, graphics and logos.

The shows are projected to monitors even Jumbotrons for your guests to watch the fun! Props, hats, funny glasses etc. are added for even more laughs.

The shows are saved for our client Boogie Bodies customers don't leave empty handed either. Once the song is completed, the guest can get a DVD of their Boogie Bodies experience to replay to friends, family and co-workers at home, office or even add to their Website, FaceBook, YouTube & social feeds.

In this video of our Boogie Bodies in action please take note as to how busy our Boogie Bodies entertainment was in comparison to all the other entertainments.

We even made the Jumbotron!

We are the "Hit of the party"!

Attendees having fun watching themselves on a monitor!

Props add more fun!

Combo Packages Available...


We offer special prices with our Boogie Bodies and our green screen photos with on-site printing.

With both entertainments in action at a party and laughter we bring to your event will definately break out the WOW Factor!

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