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"Specialists in Events

& Mobile Marketing"

              Regional areas we work in:

East Coast: Tampa- Orlando- - Sarasota-Miami

Ft. Lauderdale- Pensacola-Keys-Jacksonville  

       West Coast: Sacramento-Reno-        SanFrancisco NAPA Wine Country- Tahoe

Our teams travel Nationally!

Scenes are created to compliment your theme

Logos and graphics added for Branding and Impact!

On-Site Printing to 8x10"


We use highest quality dye sublimation printers for

our on-site printing work. The quality is amazing!

4"x6" photos are printed in 8 seconds, 5"x7" photos are printed in 15 seconds, 8"x10" photos are printed in  30 seconds

 all completely laminated even with logos, titles and graphics. Guests and attendees appreciate the fun and uniqueness of the green screen photography

with on-site printing and taking home a special memento of your event.




After the event imagine the amount of time saved not having to sort through all the photos, addressing, stamping and mailing of photos.

We make your job easier!

Other Services that compliment 

our Green Screen work...

Mobile Photo Uploads...

Far more than just a photo!

Right from the event your attendees can

Email, Facebook or Twitter their photos. 

Plus we can collect data, track the photo flow, add surveys, collect emails, provide analytics add to Facebook, Instagram & Pintrest

POWERFUL mobile marketing features!


Click on any photo below to view larger

This video is 6 minutes but well worth you viewing to see how the whole process works!


This video shows David in having fun demonstating attendees at SUN n FUN Flyin 2018. Our sponsor

was Tampa International Airport. For 6 days we gave complimentary 4x6's and the opportunity to email the photos for download to their PC or Mobile Devices. When they receive their email branded to the sponsor with their own Unique URL. We printed 1542 photos of which 1096 photos were sent via 683 emails Plus we did the emails and had props with5 scenes to choose from.A huge difference from 300 photos by their previous year of DIY.

Please excuse the eye patch David had a eye issue going on. He had fun with kids as Pirate 

Combine our green screen photos with the IMPACT of our mobile
marketing for a powerful marketing of the event and ROI for our sponsor

Sample from a MS Excel file
showing data the sponsor
receives after the event.

your attendees!

Sample a Unique URL microsite the attendee receives after the event.

Here is a link to follow so you can see a Unique URL that features the branding for my sponsor.

Our mobile uploads are a

huge ROI for the sponsor

Attendees reactions to their unique photo op thanks to TIA our sponsor!
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