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I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. I’m a great place for you to tell a story and let your users know a little more about you.​

I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. I’m a great place for you to tell a story and let your users know a little more about you.​

I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. I’m a great place for you to tell a story and let your users know a little more about you.​

"Specialists in Events

& Mobile Marketing"

              Regional areas we work in:

East Coast: Tampa- Orlando- - Sarasota-Miami

Ft. Lauderdale- Pensacola-Keys-Jacksonville  

       West Coast: Sacramento-Reno-        SanFrancisco NAPA Wine Country- Tahoe

Our teams travel Nationally!

Event Photography with sponsorship branding, social media & mobile marketing!

Mobile Marketing blends itself ideally with Social Media Marketing, Experiential and Company Branding


Our EEI Photo Uploads are ideally designed as a powerful marketing

tool for branding and marketing vompanies amd events.

EEI Photo Uploads adds graphic overlays such as logos to the photos before posting to Facebook,

Twitter, email, and other social media. Photo Upload works

with any green screen or other photo activation. 


EEI Photo Uploads allows for re-sharing through our Unique URL

micro-sites. These sites generate metrics related to number of

Facebook Likes, re-shares, page visits and more making our EEI

Photo Uploads are the perfect tool for reporting metrics on number

of photo uploads and shares from your event.

"BEYOND JUST A PHOTO"​.... Attendees love the mobile upload experience!
We use iPads that monitor a folder on our main work computer. Right from the event your guests can Email, FaceBook or Twitter your unique branded photos. ​PLUS...We can collect their email addresses, use a branded URL for photo retrieval even ask a few survey questions to assist in the sponsors marketing efforts!​ Basically our photos along with the attendees market for you via social media!   We can even provide analytics. We call this "expanded viral marketing"!

The above event was a conference where we introduced the service. Instantly, it was a hit! Since then we have had over 15,000 uploads. A huge ROI for our sponsors. 



Using our fleet of Ipads, guests can upload their photos to email, Facebook, and Twitter. Instant Digital Uploads also allows for data capture, Facebook “Likes”, uploads to Facebook Fan pages, surveys and so much more.

Imagine the results from a marketing campaign built around data collection. Photos can be branded to a custom website. In order to retrieve a complimentary photo, they are asked to fill out a brief survey of 4-6 questions. You will have a narrowly defined targeted list...what a huge ROI!!

Give us a call to discuss your particular needs and objectives.

Video showing iPads in action. To the right is a screenshot of Google Analytics from this event

Use of branded sponsor photos with logos for a huge ROI.

Ideal for Road Shows, Concerts, Sports, Festivals basically any event with thousands in attendance. Your logo will appear on all of our unique green screen photos then when posted to FaceBook you have hundreds of people seeing the unique green screen photo with your logo and the best part is they were not even there yet see your logo and branded photo. We call this Expanded Viral Marketing and it is free we just have to start the chain reaction. Plus we can provide analytic's to track

the flow of the photos. While Social Media is huge, actual printed photos last a lifetime, stay in family albums for ages thus creating a Huge ROI for our sponsors!


The samples below are a combination of our mobile uploads teams in action, sponsor branding, green screen photo stations, how photos were used on Social Media and end results for the fans/guests.

Together "Let's Explore Your Possibilities"!

Our duty is to provide your guests with a unique and positive experience. 

















Go Green, Go Social, Go Viral! In the trend of today's technology the vast majority of people have a camera in their phone or a digital camera that takes decent photos. Today a good enough attitude over shadows professional photography. Here at Express Event Imaging we are very progressive adapting and utilizing technology and pioneering digital photography with marketing. While printed photos sure does have distinct uses in branding and marketing the social media trends far exceed a printed photos reach. Express Event Imaging has the capabilities to go totally Green with our work. Directly from a iPad or tablet a fan, guest or attendee can have their choice of receiving their photo via email, Facebook, Twitter and very soon Vine and Instagram. As a sponsor of our photos the viral marketing is outstanding. We can collect email addresses, add surveys, upload to social media and even track analytic s and flow of the photos. To a sponsor a avg. Facebook has 300 friends. Case in point , let's say for example 1000 photos posted on a Facebook fan page has the potential of reaching 300,000  people seeing your unique green screen photo op that were not even at the event. Social media is powerful and Express Event Imaging is positioned to harness this power for your events. Our teams on the East and West Coast will bring out the wow factor to get you noticed and create a buzz at your event.

To view more videos click here: 

  Going... Going... Gone... GREEN 

With our mobile uploads to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Email some clients choose to go 100% green by not having actual printed photos and use the mobile features exclusively. Social media drives web traffic and creates a huge viral reach beyond a printed photo BUT those printed photos do become a family treasure for years to come!  

The photos below are screen shots from the 2014 LPGA Swinging Skirts Tournament in CA.  Here is a link to the actual Swinging Skirts facebook fan page showing how our photos integrate with the other photos at the event. 


Click here:

        We create a buzz by using the power of Social Media and drive FB "Likes".


Classic Title

The Power of Mobile Photo Marketing...

Data Collection: email capture/surveys

Imagine the results from a marketing campaign built around data collection. Photos can be branded to a custom  website that in

order to retrieve a complimentary photo they have to fill out a brief survey of 4-6 questions. Attendees can email their photo to

family or friends, thereby increasing your brand’s visibility through viral marketing and reaching consumers who never attended

the event. This further allows you to create email lists even names and home addresses for future targeted marketing campaigns.

You will have a narrowly defined targeted list ...what a huge ROI.


Data Capture: Capture your guests' email addresses: Emails are pooled in an online spread sheet. Tip: Email promotions to your guests while they are at your event. For example: "Show this email to the sponsor for 10% off your next purchase."


​​Customize Surveys: Pre-determine the questions, multiple choice or fill in the blank, for your guests to fill out.A high percentage people will allow a short survey to be taken of them in order to receive your free photo. This survey has whatever targeted marketing questions you want filled to ask and provides you valuable marketing info on the attendees. Targeted marketing questions designed by you allow for lifestyle profiling, age, income, interests, zip code, gathering of useful information for sales, marketing and awareness of your products. 

Graphic Overlays: Automatically apply graphic overlays to your images. The graphic is applied to all prints and or uploads which also displays  on our iPad's.


Quantifiable Results: Realtime event data available online for you and your client shows exactly how many branded  photos have been sent to Facebook, Twitter, email, and print. 


Customize Disclaimer, pre-determine the disclaimer to specify the permissions matching your event.


Instagram is now avaialble. EEI now offers uploads to Instagram and SMS! We now allows guests to upload photos from any photo activation to Instagram and SMS (Text Message)! Guests can select any of their recent photos and instantly post them to their own Instagram feed or text their photos to friends from our tablets.


Unique URL: Below is a sample of what a branded unique URL can look like. This unique URL adds more branding to your email marketing with logos, special messages even links to websites. Guests receive a email with your message, logos, links and copy. Guests then follow the link to their photos which brings them to a branded Unique URL. Click on their photos to save to their computer to share with their family and friends. 

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